Woman dreaming of green corn stalks

Woman dreaming of green corn stalks, with this dream, you have a strong career, and you tend to do things in your career is concerned about the feelings of others, then the strengths of your career can drive the team to work together, if you can consider the overall direction of development in your career, your career can have a solid sign. Single women who have this dream, you often encounter villains in your career, and once you fall into the wrong career, you will often encounter trouble in your career, you only see the money in your career rather than the long-term development of the interests, you will easily suffer losses. Married women who have this dream more than you and your lover have a strong career, but you both have difficulty communicating with each other, the pursuit of each other's lives, the pursuit of one party to the pursuit of mediocrity and the other party to pursue career success, there is unhappiness between you and your lover. The old man who has this dream is mostly your health, suitable for walking outside travel, etc., suitable to go east, not west."