Woman dreaming of leaves on the ground

Woman dreaming of leaves on the ground, the five elements of this dreamer is the main wood, is wood grams of earth for the wealth of your recent financial situation is good, there are many good things in the relationship. It is your sincere treatment with others can be rewarded. Spring dream is auspicious, winter dream is not auspicious. A single woman dreaming of leaves all over the ground is a good idea for your career if you have similar ideas to others in your recent financial planning. If you are engaged in clothing, design and other related industries dream of leaves all over the ground, it is because you have a positive conflict with others in your career, it is particularly bad for your career development, if you keep a distance from other people of the opposite sex, then you have a good gain in your career. If you are engaged in communications, cell phones and other related industries, this dream is water and wood, then your side of the noble luck is more favorable to your career development, do not worry a lot with others in the business because of a little thing. It is the mediocrity of the people to disturb themselves, people who have this dream is the tiger, the rabbit income is quite good."