Woman dreaming of many melons

Dreaming of melons, the main son of the image or children and grandchildren good luck. Women dream of many melons. Unmarried women dream of this, around the suitors are quite a lot, each other sincerely like good intentions, and will eventually be rewarded, such as self-lost in the relationship or no sincere relationship with each other is poor, must recognize whether you really like this person, such as forcing and the opposite sex to go on, the relationship is not smooth. Married women dream this dream, the Lord has the sign of getting pregnant. The children are smart and clever people, and they have a harmonious family relationship with each other. It also means that the relationship between the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will improve, if the dreamer had many arguments with her mother-in-law some time ago, there will be a significant improvement in the near future. Only the relationship at home should know how to think differently, do not put things on the mother-in-law, otherwise they will have bad luck with each other. When an old man dreams of many melons, his children and grandchildren will be blessed in the near future. In the near future, there will be a reunion, and there will be a lot of harmony at home. If you have a dream, you can travel abroad, and there will be good things in the trip. Going south is good, going north is not good."