Woman dreaming of picking up raw chestnuts

Woman dreaming of picking up raw chestnuts, the person who got this dream is the main water of the five elements, chestnuts is the water in Chinese medicine, then get this dream, the recent career will have good ideas, water is the main wisdom, then wisdom can be recognized by others, winter dream is auspicious, autumn dream is not auspicious. Single woman dreaming of picking up raw chestnuts, the emotional situation is smooth, is sensitive and suspicious people, then your feelings look too serious, the life situation has a negative impact, adjust the mentality, then the feelings will be good. Married women dreaming that they pick up raw chestnuts, career pressure, because of small things and induced by the worry, then there is a negative impact on personal mentality, do not have too much self behavior in the business. Those who are engaged in literary creation, talent, design and other related industries have a lot of good things in their career in this dream, and cooperate with others smoothly and develop each other's business condition well. Engaged in cleaning, biotechnology and other related positions to get this dream career, the little things that lead to more trouble."