Woman dreaming of picking white cotton

Woman dreaming of picking white cotton, get this dream, the five elements of wood, cotton is represented by wood, white is the meaning of gold, then get this dream is the gold grams wood for wealth, career development is smooth, excellent luck in partial wealth, autumn dream of good luck, spring dream of bad luck. A single woman dreaming of picking white cotton, making decisions after discussing with others in your career is beneficial to your career improvement, do not induce arguments with each other because of your personal thoughts, and constantly have troubles with the performance of your career situation. People who seek money to get this dream, go east auspicious, go west inauspicious engaged in textile and clothing and other related industries, good fortune in business. Engaged in computer, design and other related positions to get this dream is the water and wood, food and injury to produce wealth, for your career development, do not induce each other because of small matters and constant disputes, on your life situation will have a lot of trouble performance. Need to adjust the mindset of individuals."