Woman dreaming of rotten pears

Woman dreaming of rotten pears, get this dream is the sign of the recent unfavorable emotional situation, and the beloved one more struggle, single people get this dream, is the danger of unrequited love, then there are more troublesome things in life, affecting your state of mind, the spring dream is auspicious, the autumn dream is inauspicious. Single women dreaming of rotten pears, the recent side of the emotional situation is not good, is a sincere like people, but by others to play with feelings, affecting your mentality, the overall development of the career is not smooth, resulting in your mentality has a breakdown. Married woman dreaming of rotten pears, and her lover argue a lot, it is because you and your in-laws are already at odds, the recent money matters induced troubles, the relationship between each other more complicated, life conditions will be unfavorable, different values cause you and your family more troublesome things. People who have recently met with their parents to arrange this dream, you and your in-laws have different mentality, then it affects the progress of your love. If the difference between the two families is large, the relationship does not work, right and wrong chaos."