Women dreaming of wheat ears

Women dreaming of wheat ears to get this dreamer five elements of the main gold, is your near future in the business of the harvest season phase, if you can adhere to the heart in the business, plus your ability to help the overall planning of the business, the autumn dream of the auspicious, summer dream of inauspicious. Single woman dreaming of wheat ears, more than the main you in the near future in the relationship, the relationship between human affairs is not handled well, resulting in poor cooperation between you and others, there will be trouble, if you desire good fate in the relationship, then the initiative of the relationship is very critical. Engaged in the bar, drinks and other related industries in the near future pressure, is the gold and water phase of your business orders, but there are troubles in the business, such as your business and others to cooperate, come up with sincerity will help you in the development of your career. People engaged in vehicle management, housing design and other related industries get this dream, there are many good things in the career, and the nobleman to help, then the career more promotion."