Dreaming of barren land

What does it mean to dream of barren land? How about dreaming of barren land? Dreams of barren land have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a wasteland or a deserted house on a wasteland is good, don't worry, it is a good sign that you will have sudden fortune. Maybe you will receive a generous gift or perhaps an inheritance from a relative. To dream that you are standing alone in the wasteland may suggest that you subconsciously feel that your current relationship is very unfulfilling and that you feel lonely or somewhat isolated. To dream that you are standing on a barren land with someone else indicates that your relationship will not bring benefits or will not be fruitful. To dream that you are reclaiming a wasteland, you may have a recent family conflict, perhaps a verbal dispute. If a person who is married and has no children dreamt of reclaiming a wasteland, it may foretell that the children born in the future are not very filial and somewhat rebellious. A businessman dreaming of barren land foretells that there may be ups and downs in business and he should be careful of money loss. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: To dream of standing alone in a wasteland may indicate unfulfilling feelings, loneliness or isolation. If you are standing with someone in a wasteland, it indicates an unproductive or fruitless relationship between them. Psychoanalysis: You carefully consider the direction of your behavior in order to survive the current situation. Spiritual symbolism: the wilderness symbolizes solitude and can also be a place full of memories, tranquility and divine revelation."