Dreaming of floods

What does it mean to dream of floods? Is it good to dream of a flood? Dreams of floods have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Like the biblical flood, the flood often symbolizes death and is devastating; it also nurtures new life, heralds a new beginning of life, and is often seen as a symbol of new life and new beginnings. Dreaming that your home is being washed away by a flood foretells that a quarrel may occur between family members, the cause of which may be between two parents, at which time you should restrain your own temper and never be capricious to help communicate the feelings of your family. To dream of a flood that appears to flood your house indicates that you have a subconscious feeling of being overwhelmed by school, work, family or some kind of relationship. If you dream of a flood that washes away houses and people panic, while you are very calm and may control the situation, such a dream indicates that your heart is longing for responsibility or you feel that your leadership is not recognized as it should be. To dream that you are rushing from a long distance to see a flood indicates that you are doing your best to think about how to solve the present problem and already have an idea. To dream that you fall into a flood is a sign that you may have a crisis in your relationship. The average person dreaming of a flood may foretell illness or unhappiness in marriage. A businessman dreaming of a monstrous flood warns you to be careful of business losses. A girl dreaming of a flood, a sexual dream, signifies that you are afraid of relationships (marriage) and that relationships (marriage) are signified in your dream as a flood. A farmer dreamed of a flood in the river and a good crop. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation The one who has a flood is the owner of wealth. The Interpretation of Dreams by the Duke of Zhou Dream flood. Dreams of this person is full of wealth and profit, the camp is fast; sick person is the main deficiency; litigation is the main alarm; home near the river and the sea to prevent floods. The Dream Forest Xuan Xie Dream of flood. The main business plan is successful, wealthy and profitable. The main sickness is false, the main litigation prison alarm. If your home is near the river and the sea, you must prevent disasters. The main sign of invasion, theft and war. The Secretaries of Dream Interpretation Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Floods make people afraid, so a flood in a dream often symbolizes the release of positive forces. It generally represents repressed feelings or unconscious feelings that you must clear in order to strive for progress. If you dream that you are in a flood, it means that you feel that you are in the grip of these emotions. If you dream that you are observing the flooding difference, this is a symbol of contemplation. Dreams about floods often also symbolize demoralization. Psychoanalysis: If you feel overwhelmed to express yourself in words, then dreams about floods create opportunities for you to use appropriate ways to deal with your fears and worries. Spiritual symbolism: one cycle ends and another new one begins. Past sorrows and emotional distress will intensify. The mind will be clearer and the road ahead is clear. Case study of dreaming of a flood ( ) Dream description: Sometimes the dreams are quite scary, as if they were real. Once, I dreamed that it was raining particularly hard and then a flood was launched. The flood came in waves and rolled. By accident, I fell into the flood at once and was swept away by the flood, and I was awakened by fear. (Male, 32 years old) Dream Interpretation: To dream of a flood is the meaning of a problem that does not come easy to solve. If you dream of a flood, or dream of a flood washing you away, if you are a businessman, there may be losses in business. For normal people, dreaming of a flood, something unpleasant will happen in marriage, or physical illness will occur. In addition, to dream that your crops are flooded indicates that it is difficult to realize your hopes. To dream that your village is flooded suggests that you will encounter many difficulties on the road to success. But to dream that the flood waters recede and everything is safe and sound indicates that all the difficulties will be far away and your hopes will be realized."