Dream within a dream

Dream within a dream, is a normal phenomenon, someone has done a study, individuals can have 7 layers of dream within a dream, which means waking up 7 times before returning to reality. Dreams within dreams are a common phenomenon that almost everyone experiences, they just mostly forget about it. This kind of dream depends on the specifics of the dream to answer. But one thing can be said that is your sleep quality is not high, you need to improve the quality of sleep. The dream within a dream is very difficult to interpret because it belongs to the more complex structure of dreams. From the point of view of psychology, there is no fixed way of interpretation that works until now. Many dream interpreters believe that "sleeping" in a dream reflects physical fatigue, while dreaming again while sleeping in a dream contains the message of quick recovery. Some psychologists also believe that dreams within dreams are a result of the dreamer's inner desire for change and the need for integration, which may be triggered by the unwillingness to face some real things. When the dreamer wakes up in the dream, it means that he or she is facing changes in life and the mental state needs to be rebooted and rethought. Spiritually, a dream within a dream represents the dreamer's soul entering another dimension with the intention of trying to use the things seen in the dream to find answers in real life."