Dreaming about the impossible

What does dreaming about the impossible mean? How about dreaming of impossible things? Dreams of impossible things have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of animals flying in the sky, or trains driving on the sea and other unconscionable things often suggest strange creativity. In addition, the impossible sight in your dream may also suggest that your strategy or immediate plan is not working, reminding you to change your strategy early to avoid losses. Dreams of hallucinations, or supernatural sights, indicate that your brain is in a state of extreme excitement. To dream of a miracle or a miracle is a sign that you will be successful or get unexpected luck and have a great future. Dreaming of telling anecdotes indicates that you are very fond of making friends who seek pleasure and that your relationships do not last. A young woman dreaming of hearing strange anecdotes foretells that she will happily become one of the pleasure seekers."