Dreaming of America

What does dreaming of America mean? How about dreaming of America? Dreaming of America has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you have gone to or are in the United States or are looking at the United States on a map usually foretells an exciting change in your career. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The fact that you are involved in a dream about going to the United States, or have already arrived there, is a sign of an urgent need to change his vision in your life. Of course, the dream also has to do with exactly what country is experienced in the dream (see dream to location). Such a dream involves the dreamer's personal freedom or competence to travel across the universe. Psychoanalysis: The core of the dream meaning is the wish to escape from a certain occasion. You may have reached a new shore and you are mentally preparing yourself for a new life experience. It is often through dreams that you understand what you have learned and what new tasks you are facing. Spiritual symbolism: in a spiritual sense, being in America, or going to America, indicates a new spiritual experience."