Dreaming of a dead neighbor

What does it mean to dream of a dead neighbor? How about dreaming about a dead neighbor? Dreams of dead neighbors have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of a dead neighbor foretells the birth of a boy. In summer, it means the birth of a daughter. People who start a business dreaming of their dead neighbors represent the phenomenon of changing careers, it is advisable to be more careful, otherwise the loss will be greater. People who are talking about marriage dream of a dead neighbor, indicating that there is a third party involved in the marriage is difficult to achieve. Interpretation of dreams about dead neighbors If you dream that your neighbor appears, you will have a fire disaster. Of course you have to be careful with fire, but you also have to pay attention to boiling water, matches, etc. burns. However, if the person you dream of is your next-door neighbor, there is no danger and you can rest assured. People who plan to go out dream of a dead neighbor, it is recommended to go out smoothly as desired and safe. People who are preparing for exams dream of their dead neighbors, it means good grades and admission to the desired school, Xia accounted for the bad luck. Psychological advice for dreaming of a dead neighbor These two days are more likely to have the tendency to emotional, especially in the love aspect of the easy to have regrets. These two days are also not suitable to start a new work / study or plan. Dreams about dead neighbors [Dream 1]. Dream about fighting with neighbor: I dreamed that I was fighting with my neighbor whom I knew very well and we were carrying big sticks and shovels. She was always hurt by me. Every time she was hurt, she changed her weapon. I was so scared that I called my mother. Then my mother came out with a weapon. The neighbor's daughter came out too. We threatened to stop talking to each other from today on [Dreamland 2 I dreamed of my former neighbor: I dreamed that I was going to the hospital to register and I forgot to close the door and windows when I went out, then suddenly it rained and on my way around home I saw a lot of elementary school students who were soaked by the rain. It seemed like I was in class, and then I saw my oldest niece, who was about seven years old, being called to the front by the teacher and playing a game. Not long after that my second sister came to see her own daughter playing a game. I seemed to be late for the hospital, so I went out with two of my bags and dreamed that my former neighbor was buying two quilts for her daughter-in-law. Then I saw a cousin or cousins I didn't know, holding a child, I couldn't remember which cousin, and then I saw my fourth uncle's daughter and son, about seven or eight years old, when they were little. I dreamed I was lost at my current place of work and couldn't get home, then I seemed to see a sleeping beauty snake, I passed over her and almost woke her up and was saved by an old god. I was at home in my bed and saw something left over from being eaten by a mouse and found a mouse in my bed. [Dreamland 3 dream to find money in the neighbor's house: somehow took my daughter to live in the neighbor's house, the neighbor's house is very dirty, I was cleaning the room I live under the table, was buried in the thick ash some money there, I picked up on the table, but not too late to say to the neighbor to go wash their hands, take me back, found the neighbor eyes look at me wrong, I know that may be because the money under the table she did not see, in suspicion that I I was busy telling her that the money under your table I picked her up and put it on the table, but I just didn't see you go wash your hands first ... seek solutions [Dream 4]. dreamed that my neighbor's brother was murdered: many people were chatting in my yard, suddenly there was a commotion outside, my brother from the opposite family was attacked in front of their house, no one dared to go out, a while later blood flowed to our house, everyone went out to see that my neighbor's brother had been murdered in front of his house, then their family did a funeral, the whole dream was to do a funeral, our family has suffered two extortion, but at my insistence, did not succeeded, and then came all kinds of conspiracy to persecute our family, and finally forced our family to leave together, and never went back [Dream 5]. Dream of male neighbors in the courtyard to reveal genitalia urine: dreamed that my husband and I live in a small second floor very late also open a light low see male neighbors in the four sides of the small courtyard urine and see his genitals, he also looked up and saw my home bright look at the lights very angry scolding, I was afraid to go to call my husband also want to turn on the lights, there are 2 switches, press the 2 switches lights just do not light. [Dreamland 6 Dream of many snakes at home and neighbors: dream of a snake at home, then and family members to kill the snake, but its front half ran to the neighbor's house, the result ran to the neighbor's house to find, looking for, see a lot of snakes, some are alive, some are dead, and then in the dead to find the snake that ran in from my house "