Dreaming of a fire at home

What does dreaming of a fire at home mean? How about dreaming that your home is on fire? Dreaming of a fire at home has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of a fire in the house, foretells the birth of a boy, and a girl in autumn and August. People who start a business dreaming that their house is on fire, represents that although there is profit, but can not be smooth, immediately adjust. Married people dreaming that their homes are on fire, indicating that the relationship is dedicated, marriage can be achieved. Interpretation of dreaming that your house is on fire Dreams about fire often contain both positive and negative signs. On the positive side, fire symbolizes power and wealth, while on the negative side, fire represents destruction and disaster. Often dream of fire, or dream of dealing with fire, working by the fire, in the fire, thirst and throat agitation, etc., may indicate that you want to suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases, it is best to go to the hospital in time for examination. To dream that your car is on fire, in the dream fire represents good luck and fortune. It is a sign of a recent windfall or an unexpected gain from something you are working on. Dreaming that your house is on fire will bring you good luck. If you dream that your house is on fire, you will be seriously injured. To dream that your house is on fire means that you will live a rich life. People who plan to go out dreaming that their homes are on fire, it is recommended to go as scheduled, travel with a companion, and be careful when encountering water. A person preparing for an exam dreaming that his house is on fire means that he fails to do as he wishes and gets a poor grade. Psychological advice for dreaming that your house is on fire In the club party eloquently, calmly answer, your wit, clever play to the fullest, won the appreciation of heavyweights, of course, there are MM favor, but in the actual business is not practical enough, more or less let people feel boastful. Dreams related to dream of home fire [Dream 1]. I dreamed that I came home and my mother was very angry with me, and I saw a fire in another house, and I went to put out the fire, and then I went back to that house. I woke up [Dreamland 2 Dream of a fire at home: I dreamed that I took a boy home, and then he saw the money in my money jar wanted to secretly take a, after I found and put down, when I did not notice he stole the money in the money jar, and then we clashed he took out a gun to threaten me, I chopped the gun and threw it, after he lit a fire and ran, I desperately put out the fire, the largest fire in a basin and paper, I threw the basin to the outside, the home of I threw the basin outside and put out the fire with water, at that time there seemed to be people at home [Dreamland 3 Dream of a plane crash in the house on fire: Last night I dreamed that there was a big plane crash landing in the village where I lived, then a fire, and smashed into the house, there was a large number of soldiers to put out the fire, and there was a small river nearby. Not much water, my mother and I also went over, all mud, and came over again, wanted to take pictures, was blocked by the soldiers [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my grandfather died and my house was on fire: I dreamed that I was eating at home, then I found a worm in my room, it was very fat and long, I went out to find something to kill it, then I found smoke in my grandma and grandpa's room, I went in and saw that my great uncle was burning something in the yard, when I returned to my room, I saw my grandpa, he said to me that he was going to die and wiped out all the worms in the room for me, I called my mom and she said grandpa is fine [Dream 5]. Dream of home fire: and boyfriend is a long-distance relationship, dream suddenly came to me, I was eating noodles, Dad saw him, before the family disagreed, but Dad did not say anything, behind quietly let the boyfriend to my home, talk about the day, I went out a little, the home suddenly caught fire, my boyfriend is still inside, I want to find my boyfriend out "