Dreaming of a four square

What does dreaming of a four square mean? How about dreaming about four squares? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming of four squares, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of something in the shape of a quadrangle, such as a quadrangle, etc., you will find a satisfactory solution to an existing difficulty. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: It is quite important that a figure has several sides, just as the color of the figure (dream about numbers, dream about colors). At a certain stage of one's own development, especially when one begins to understand the abstract world more, one is more likely to dream about geometric figures, here it seems to assign new meaning and interpretation to the previously known patterns. You accept the nature of things and observe their fundamental structure. You will value these basic patterns and will not put emotional barriers to others. Psychological analysis: the square, the cube: they symbolize the atmosphere of the earth, showing the opposition between heaven and earth, and the square within a circle indicates the process of forming. The image within the square symbolizes the self or the one person who is perfect. Each square object symbolizes the feminine principle that contains everything. Spiritual symbolism: From a spiritual point of view, seeing geometric figures in your dream indicates your ability to abstract. They generally symbolize the male principle."