Dreaming of a lot of fish in the water

Dreaming of a lot of fish in the water what does it mean? How about dreaming that there are a lot of fish in the water? Dreaming that there are many fish in the water has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Because "fish" and "Yu" sound harmonious, in the traditional Chinese dream interpretation, dreaming of fish has been closely related to wealth. A pregnant woman dreaming of a fish means in most cases that she will give birth to a cute and well-behaved daughter, but there is also the possibility of having a boy. This is mainly the dreamer's usual subconscious thoughts about herself and her inner expectation to have a cute and healthy baby. Dream to see a group of fish happily swimming around, meaning that your love always stops where it is, so hope that the relationship has further development. If you go to get a fishing rod in your dream and try to fish, it means you are too impatient and may scare the other party, and if the fish you caught in your dream ran away or the fish swam away, it is a warning that if you are not more active, the other party will ignore you. Whether your dream appears to be a tranquil lake, a dripping stream, a raging river, or a calm ocean; water in dreams is always a metaphor for the essence of life, representing spiritual baptism and rebirth. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning in water; the lake symbolizes your desire to break away from your troubled life as soon as possible and long for a quiet and peaceful life. Dreaming of many fish is a good omen, the enemies will kill each other and both will die. Dreams of lots of fish are generally said to be related to your feelings. Dreams mean that your talents are not closely aligned with strategic thinking, and tend to be more intuitive reactions than thoughtful thinking. People who are preparing for exams dream that there are a lot of fish in the water, it means that autumn will be favorable, the results are not satisfactory and it is difficult to get what you want. People who are talking about marriage dream of a lot of fish in the water, indicating that a noisy marriage will not work. People who start a business dream that there are a lot of fish in the water, represents that although the progress is slow, it is advisable to keep the old, not big investment, the end is favorable. A pregnant person dreaming of a lot of fish in the water, foretells the birth of a daughter, be careful not to open the fetal position is not about to. People who plan to go out dream that there are a lot of fish in the water, it is advisable to postpone going out again for a few days. Psychological advice for dreaming of a lot of fish in the water You seem to be a mechanical person who has made a contract with yourself, and whatever you have made up your mind to do, you must do it in these two days, and other people's opinions are like the sound of a piano, in the left ear and out the right ear, and if it does not go your way, it will provoke your bullish temper. For you, the straightforward style does not lose quality, then stick to the end, until others understand your intentions. Dreams about many fish in the water [Dream 1]. Dreaming of many fish and snakes: I dreamed that you saw a lot of strange fish and snakes on a water monument, then I used a stone on the side to smash it, then I smashed a fish, but the fish was in the water and I didn't know where it went, the water was muddy and I couldn't see it clearly, then I saw two snakes next to me that were entwined, the two snakes were different in color, one red and one black, then I ran to the place where the water monument was flowing and saw a few small fish with big mouths lying there. Then I saw a few small fish lying there with their mouths wide open and not moving, then I took one and put it in the water and it swam, but it had two legs like a frog, then my cousin walked by and her belly was big like eight or nine months, then I remembered my son who had been induced to die a few days before, then I woke up. [Dreamland 2 dreamed that many fish were bitten off: dreamed that with friends into a restaurant, just entered the door to see a goldfish, and then the hotel plastic pool of fish and crabs, is picking crabs, when I turned around, the plastic pool of fish and crabs were all bitten off, the water turned red, the fish was stopped and bitten off, and then we wanted to explain to the boss, compensation, the boss said it was not my problem, it was the fish was too ferocious, we left [Dreamland 3 Dream of catching a lot of fish: I dreamed that I caught a lot of fish, lobsters, crabs, and an eel that sucked my hand in the roadside ditch. [Dream 4]. Dream of many fish: I had seen others fishing in a pond, and suddenly the water in a very large pond dried up, and then a slowly very large fish appeared at the bottom of the pond, and a monster-like fish. Said it sucked the water dry. Then somehow, it called other big fish to spit out the water in their bellies, and there was a lot of water in the pond again. Then some friends and I started to clean the sludge from the pond with shovels [Dream 5]. Dream of a lot of fish: I dreamed of all kinds of fish in a super big, like the oceanarium kind of glass channel inside, a lot of many, can not see the sky, all the kind of glass channel, there are fish everywhere, someone walking in it, I was afraid to go out, but how can not get out. All are fish. [Dreamland 6 Dreaming of lots of fish: I dreamed that I filled my water pond with a hose and there were so many fish that it overflowed, the water was green and transparent, and when I squatted down to see it, I could see many, many fish and everyone marveled. My sister also brought her girlfriends to see, and a lot of foreign friends, also saw dignitaries passing by my pond after a meeting, many visitors to view "