Dreaming of a mountain on top

What does it mean to dream of a mountain on top? How about dreaming of a mountain on top of a mountain? The dream of a mountain on top has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream that your head is on top of a mountain, you will be rich. To dream of standing on a mountain top means that you will have many troubles in love. In addition to your lover, there will be another very attractive person of the opposite sex, so you do not know how to choose. To dream of a friend standing motionless on a mountain top indicates that you are able to rise above your current position and that your previous lessons and knowledge have come in handy. To dream that you are on a mountain top overlooking a sea of clouds indicates that there will be some monetary gain. Perhaps a lot of pocket money from an uncle you haven't seen in years. Dreams of mountains represent obstacles or problems encountered in front of you. Dreams of mountains symbolize goals, and are usually used to describe the hard work and perseverance one puts in, by going over mountains and trekking. When reaching the top of the mountain, it means achieving the goal and gaining success. Although it is difficult, as long as you have the spirit of going forward and climbing the peak without fear of danger, you can embark on the road to success. But if in the top of the mountain, and means a big danger, responsibility, loneliness, there will be a high place is not a symbol of the cold, but also to remind the dreamer to maintain a normal heart, more communication and interaction with friends and family, do not let people feel that they are lonely and indifferent can not climb high."