Dreaming of a train passing by

What does it mean to dream of a train passing by? How about dreaming that a train is passing by? Dreams of trains passing by have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Often dream of fire, or dream of dealing with fire, working by the fire, in the fire, thirst and throat agitation, etc., may indicate that you want to suffer from high blood pressure and other diseases, it is best to go to the hospital in time for examination. To dream of a train indicates a wish for a dream to come true. To dream of a train indicates a wish in your heart that your plans will come true soon. To dream of a train that has a regular schedule and is moving on a track usually symbolizes a plan that is going well or is being carried out according to schedule. Dreaming of sitting on a fancy train - Friendship luck is down. Because your sense of competition is too strong, you make others stay away from you. This is especially evident after exams, and there is a real need for introspection If the train in your dream is walking smoothly, it means your life will be smooth, while if the train is climbing a hill, it means your health is on red, possibly a heart problem. And if the train is passing through a cave, it indicates that your heart is hurting, possibly a trauma caused by a failed relationship. And if the dream is a train rushing past you, or hear the sound of a train, it means you have a long trip soon. A pregnant person dreaming of a train driving past, foretelling the birth of a male, avoid moving the earth to frighten the fetus God is not good. People who start a business dreaming that a train is driving by represent a loss of capital, a great loss and a great deal of ups and downs, it is advisable to reorganize and start again. Married people dreaming of a train drive by means of them, indicating that although there is a verbal quarrel, it does not affect the overall situation, it is advisable to cherish the relationship. A person preparing for an examination dreaming of a train passing by means that he cannot concentrate on the examination and cannot get what he wants. People who plan to go out dream of a train drive past, it is recommended that although there is a delay in the round trip, it can be safe and sound. Psychological advice for dreaming of trains driving past In a rare moment, you do not want to talk to people because of your inner emotional conflicts, so read your favorite book at home, listen to healing music, watch a funny show, and take a good rest to transform the uncomfortable mood. When you hear gossip or gossip, don't pay too much attention to it, and don't put yourself in a bad mood. Dreams related to seeing trains drive by [Dream 1]. Dream of going home by train: I dreamed of going to the doctor, then taking the train home, there was a grandmother on the track on the way, looking to hit it, but not, turned around and smiled at me! Then the train was crawling up the mountain, very fast! At the top of the mountain ready to go down the mountain in the interruption of a section of the track, but no impact! Continue to wind forward quickly! The road home is not far, has been moving like a roller coaster, and fast! [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my boyfriend took the train and left: I dreamed that I went on a trip to a foreign country, and my boyfriend came out for a walk at night, and walked to the train station, and when the train arrived we stood on the platform, and remembered that the wind was particularly strong when the train came, and the wind threw me aside, and he did not come over to pull me, and when the car opened he went up, and he did not want me to go up, and that feeling was that he wanted to relieve me, and when the car drove away, I When the car drove away, I kept chasing the car and told him that I would wait for him, and when the car drove away, I realized that I was penniless and road-weary. What does this dream mean and what does it portend? [Dreamland 3 Dream of train derailment: one night to do two train derailment, the first heart is not prepared, they sat in the middle and rear carriage position, and then the rear derailment! The second train, to the same location, we feel the same feeling, the train to derail, are ready, the result of the locomotive derailment, the front carriage fell into the water, and then the rescue scene! Please explain [Dream 4]. I dreamed that I was on a train with my parents and my cousin looking for a seat on the train, my parents were carrying a lot of stuff, my seat number was 72, and there weren't many people on the train, but it seemed like someone was sitting in my seat and I wanted him to give up his seat. [Dream 5]. dream to wait for the train: I dreamed that I was in a relationship with a former female colleague, a very good person, she was very good, we walked back home together, to the village, met a group of people planting poles, I also used a small milling in digging a pit, and then I went to the back of the house to visit my old mother, but my old mother has passed away, she was not in the house, see my brother's little granddaughter lying in bed, a little black, I thought to myself, is no one care dead I picked her up and would say live, my mother will come to see me happy. She went to find clothes to wear, she chose an old dress to put on, and I said too old. [Dreamland 6 Dream of a train collision: I dreamed that I witnessed two trains collide with the wrong train issued at the wrong time, and when the first train collided, I heard the radio shouting that the loss was over 40,000 people, and the second train only dreamed that it was about to collide and did not see it, and our family was not on that train, but on another car, and after that I dreamed that I walked with my dad on a mountain road that was not very good. "