Dreaming of a woman gourd

What does dreaming of a woman gourd mean? How about dreaming of a woman gourd? Dreaming of a woman gourd has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who are preparing for exams dreaming of a woman gourd means passing grades and hope of admission. A pregnant person dreaming of a woman with a gourd, foretells that autumn will give birth to a girl in August, and the rest will give birth to a boy. Married people dream of a woman gourd, indicating a rigid nature, quarrel over trivial matters resulting in separation. People who intend to go out dream of a woman gourd, it is recommended to postpone the departure. The entrepreneur dreaming of a woman gourd represents a slow business development, but patience is the best way to get success. Psychological advice for dreaming of a woman gourd Fight for what is good for you at the right time, don't just keep it to yourself. Your thoughtfulness towards your lover warms the other person's heart. While generously spending money for your intimate partner, remember to live within your means. If there is a situation where you share the work with someone, you should always keep track of each other's progress. Dreams about women gourd [Dream 1]. dream of a tree with a loofah gourd pumpkin: dream of a tree with a lot of pumpkins loofah a sister high want to pick, I saw it to her help her drag down I help pick later too much loofah fu son she said do not want I was very angry so easy to pick down just a big lady opened the door I gave her, she was very happy [Dreamland 2 dream gourd vine: dreamed that my father took my family's gourd vine especially smooth, after I gave him a good-looking gourd they said to go back to take the gourd seeds inside to grow their own, I said to give them gourd seedlings they do not want, I said to plant zi late they said not late, and finally I gave them a gourd, they are still holding a gourd is their own [Dreamland 3 Dream of a gourd: I dreamed that my grandmother said something about a gourd god, and then went to look for it, and then found it, there is a gourd growing on an acacia tree, acacia trees grow in the village to bury their relatives, ancestors not far from the place, about a hundred meters away, I climbed up the tree to pick the gourd, pick the gourd after climbing down, found that the hand of the gourd changed, not a gourd, and then the grandmother also said that only those who have a destiny can get, it seems I am not a person of destiny. Note (I dreamed on the night of the breakup, the other party to leave me, I was very upset) [Dream 4]. dream that I got a baby gourd: dream that I got a baby gourd, you can collect demons, collected a lot of demons, and then broken, I cried and cried, and then by the master's guidance, through the feelings they pay, pay efforts to fix it again, the gourd has a spiritual nature, with a small fox like [Dream 5]. Dreaming of gourds and the opposite sex: dreamed of going to see lotus flowers with a girl I like, with two chopsticks in my hand, not seeing the lotus flowers, and the chopsticks thrown into the lotus pond! Then I went to dig sweet potatoes, and there were gourds on the sweet potato vine, and after picking the sweet potatoes, there were gourds too! There were so many! Then I kissed her left cheek and she kissed my right cheek! [Dreamland 6 Dream of gourd children: just dreamed that in my father's house my sister and my brother-in-law one person drove a car back, my sister drove the original one, my brother-in-law drove a Santana, a group of children dressed like gourd children playing in the river water, my niece looked also went in to play, those children shouted at me to let me go play I did not go "