Dreaming of a woman without pants

What does it mean to dream of a woman without pants? How about dreaming that a woman is not wearing pants? Dreaming of a woman without pants has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of pants is an auspicious sign that life will be happy. To dream of pants is a sign of bringing smoothness and to be promoted. Dreaming of wearing pants, to be promoted. People who plan to go out dreaming that a woman is not wearing pants, it is suggested that they may go out smoothly and be careful by the water. People who are preparing for exams dream that they see a woman without pants, it means that they will use more effort in arts, and they can expect to get on the top of the list. A pregnant person dreaming that a woman is not wearing pants, foretells the birth of a daughter, avoid moving the earth, moving the fetus. People who start a business dreaming that a woman is not wearing pants represents that after two ups and downs and losses, they should start over. People who are talking about marriage dreamed that they saw a woman without pants, indicating that they could not make a decision in their mind, and it was difficult to choose the object, and it did not work out. Psychological advice for dreaming that a woman is not wearing pants It's an unexpectedly favored day, but the people you approach are a mix of good and bad luck. Showing a smiling face is not always a good person, do not be deceived by the other party's appearance, not very familiar with the object or keep a little caution and distance is safer. And these two days may be a little picky mouth, only pick their favorite dishes to eat, eat a little happier body and mind is also much happier. Dreams related to seeing a woman without pants [Dream 1]. I dreamed that a woman took off her pants: I dreamed that a woman came with me on my period and didn't finish it, so I had to show it to me, and there was a man sitting next to me. The woman did not care about anything, and then she took off her pants in front of the man to show me, I saw her pubic hair seems to have blood on it. [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that my son and I took off our pants and put them in the temple: I dreamed that my son and I took off our pants and put them in the temple, then I asked my son to quickly bring the pants and put them on, we were outside burning potatoes to eat, I was there burning potatoes when my godmother came she said she also wanted to eat, said that day is the temple fair many people came to burn incense to worship Buddha, I also went to burn incense, is in line to burn incense, just a few people called my name, I went to see, people took the incense into the inside to burn, my mother also helped in the burning incense, the other help the person called to my name to take, she took the incense in the look [Dreamland 3 Dreaming that I am not wearing pants and shoes: Dreaming that I am at school. High and low bed. My son and my sister helped me to bed and I was wearing no pants. I had my period. I had no boots on. There were several pairs of shoes under the bed and I wanted to find a pair to wear. I asked my son if I was pregnant. My son didn't answer. My sister smiled and told my son: "No. My son is twelve years old, and there is a basin under the bed. Put some clothes in it. Soak them in water. Want to wash clothes. My sister also wants to wash clothes. [Dream 4]. Dream of kitten pants: I dreamed that I found two kittens and took them home to raise them, and I wanted to go out to play, but I couldn't find any pants to wear, so I asked my grandmother, who looked for several pairs of pants and said they weren't mine, and then found the one I had, but I put them on and they were short. My grandmother continued to help me find pants, I suddenly remembered that the two kittens did not feed them two meals, I immediately took cat food to feed, my grandmother saw me looking for something, asked me what I was looking for, I said to feed the cat [Dream 5]. I dreamed I pooped in my pants: last night I dreamed I was in a hurry to find a toilet, there was no toilet, I was looking for a remote place, I was about to pull and saw someone coming, I moved to the side, I saw poop on the ground, I found a place where no one was just going to poop, I was dragged down, I pooped in my pants, I was very angry [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that I had shit in my pants: in the dream I was at my friend's house, we were sitting together about seven or eight people, suddenly I felt sick in my stomach, then I couldn't help it, I had shit in my pants, then I looked for the toilet, it was hard to find the toilet, there were even people in your face, or my friend's wife, I left very helplessly, my friend's wife told me the location of another toilet, I At that time, I ran to go, halfway to meet my friend's sister, she was seemingly Zi ah cleaning, because I was in a hurry did not see, after I went to the toilet, first to clean the shit in the pants, the buttocks of the shit also cleaned, then I went back to my buddy, after that I can not remember. "