Dreaming of addition

What does dreaming of addition mean? Is it good to dream about addition? Dreams of addition have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of struggling with the subject of addition means that you will struggle to overcome a difficult situation that will soon take on a terrible shape in your business dealings. To dream that you are busy in the operation of addition and subtraction means that you will make some exhausting struggle to overcome the difficulties, and only after the struggle you feel that the degree of difficulties is far more than you imagined beforehand. To dream that there is an error in addition indicates that you will be able to successfully defeat your enemies because you were lucky enough to recognize their attempts before they carried out their plots. To dream of a computer (machine) plus numbers is a sign that you will have a capable supporter who will free you from your many woes. If you dream that you cannot read the numbers correctly, you will suffer losses in your property due to blind speculation. To dream of adding and subtracting calculations means that you will go through a bitter struggle in overcoming difficulties and will feel very tired. The degree of such difficulties will exceed your imagination and you must struggle with wisdom and endurance. The math in your dreams is a reflection of the meticulous detail in your mind. To dream that the calculations are accurate indicates that your plans are foolproof. To dream of making numerous mistakes in your calculations suggests that you should be meticulous and conscientious."