Dreaming of age

What does dreaming of age mean? How about dreaming about age? Dreams about age have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The fact that you see a younger person in your dream indicates that your family disputes, will be resolved successfully and your career will begin. The fact that you are very young in the dream means that the means will be used to get the opportunities you have lost. Dreaming about your age suggests that your headstrongness will incur the wrath of your loved ones. A young girl dreaming that she is perceived as older than she really is indicates that her friendships will be frustrated and her resistance to something will make others look down on her; a girl dreaming that she is very old suggests the possible arrival of an illness or a less-than-satisfactory risk-taking behavior. To dream that you are older than you really are means that you have a head for business. If you dream that you are younger than your actual age, you will do something stupid. If you dream that you look older, you may have to get sick or take a risk and lose. Dreaming that your lover looks older will lead to an emotional crisis and you may be separated from your lover."