Dreaming of an alarm bell

What does dreaming of an alarm bell mean? How is it to dream of an alarm bell? Dreams of alarm bells have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of an alarm bell ringing is a sign that you will have the last laugh in a fierce competition. A woman dreaming of an alarm bell ringing foretells that an alarm has been sounded for her of an impending separation from her husband or lover. Dreams of alarm bells ringing usually symbolize time, age and a sense of urgency, and evoke the emotions of a short life and feelings about life. The warning in the dream may direct the dreamer's attention to an internal or external situation that needs attention. He may have put himself in danger. The warning given by the dreamer indicates his ability to recognize difficulties and dangers in others or, the hidden parts of the self. What exactly it concerns can be recognized from the context of the dream. Getting a written warning may suggest that the dreamer is behaving badly. A warning may tell the dreamer how he can make himself more intuitive. He must trust his intuition and use it accordingly. If you dream that you admonish someone, he will be successful in his career. Psychology dream interpretation Dreaming of a bell sounding far away: auspicious. Dreams of this attainment is extraordinary, the character of the person is high, things to be grand and long, the profit stop thick collection, enjoy the omen of far. The end of the lawsuit is auspicious. The Dream Forest Interpretation Dream from the bell: dream of this, luck, all things without planning to, not about the same, the essence of the spirit of prosperity, not up to those who reach, not met. But we must think about the rapidity of time, inch of yin inch of gold of the Oracle, do not lose this good time, career and fame, early planning, only to be auspicious. The Dream Forest Interpretation"