Dreaming of an examination committee

What does it mean to dream of an examination committee? How about dreaming of an examination board? Dreaming of an examination committee has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of taking an examination, one can achieve success in life. Dreaming that you are invigilating an exam is well-known in the sea. Candidates dreaming of failing an exam will get good marks. Dreaming that you are kicked out of the examination hall, you will fail in the exam. Dreams of exams, can be divided into two categories from the atmosphere of the dream, one is the examination is quite smooth, get high marks. One category is the whole process of the exam panic, the topic all forget to answer, or unexpected events, panic. I: The exam went well It is naturally a good dream that the whole examination process is very relaxed and happy, which means that recently you are in a very good state of life and learning, doing things like a fish in water, and if you are facing an examination recently, or an examination class, you are very confident that you will get good results. Two: the examination is unfavorable There are many reasons why the exam is unfavorable, perhaps the topic is suddenly forgotten, may start to answer very well but stuck in a topic or Chinese characters can not be written, there are many friends dream that they do not have a pen or stationery to answer questions, in short, the exam is very sudden, the feeling of nervousness and palpitations in the dream are very real. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: The appearance of an examination board in a dream generally indicates that the dreamer is hurting for it. He feels that he is rejected by his friends. He may be afraid that others will not understand his behavior and will be prejudiced against him, and that they will consider him inaccessible and reject him. Psychoanalysis: If you dream that you are a member of an examination committee, then whether the dreamer agrees with the other members of the committee will depend on the other conditions of this dream. Maybe the resolution of the group does not fit his idea, so he must dare to assert himself and break through. Such a dream may be able to show a fragment of real life, a situation. Spiritual symbolism: On a spiritual level, the dream reminds the dreamer that he must make decisions that make him unpopular in the process of personality development. If he stays true to his inner truth, he has chosen the right path."