Dreaming of appeasement

What does dreaming of appeasement mean? Is it good to dream of appeasement? Dreams of appeasement have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. To dream of trying to appease a bitter person foretells that you will be loved by others for your wonderful nature. For young women, this dream foretells that you love your husband or friend deeply. To dream of trying to appease the anger of others is a sign that you will go to great lengths for the sake of others' development. A person who is in love dreams of appeasing a lover full of suspicion, foretelling that he will give his love to someone he should not love. Case study of dream of appeasement Dream description: My mother and I were playing in the park and my mother saw a male acquaintance and talked to him and I walked away. Then my mother came up to me crying, I said mom, then stroked her hair and back to soothe her, then she smiled. Dream Analysis: This shows that your mother is very important in your heart, and you are also very important in your mother's heart, spend more time with her or call her more often when you have time! She will be very happy."