Dreaming of beacons

What does it mean to dream of beacons and smoke? Is it good to dream of beacons and smoke? Dreaming of beacon smoke has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. It is a bad dream omen to dream of a beacon rising in the countryside. The emperor dreamed that the smoke of beacons rose in the countryside, foretelling that the enemy would come to Fan at the border. The dream of a commoner who sees smoke rising in the countryside foretells that his family will not have peace and quiet. The soldier dreamed of the smoke rising in the countryside, to prevent a sudden attack of the invasion. To dream of war means to suffer. Dreaming of a great war, chaos will occur in the area of residence. Men dream of war, indicating that there will be conflicts and disputes at work, reminding the dreamer to communicate with colleagues in a friendly manner. Women dreaming of war indicates that there will be emotional strife and entanglement, reminding the dreamer to properly handle. If you dream of a civil war breaking out in your country, there will be famine or plague in the dreamer's place of residence. The original version of the Zhou Gong dream interpretation Dream of the outskirts of the big smoke. The emperor dreamed of it, the border is unsettled; the common people dreamed of it, the family house is unsettled, the soldier dreamed of it, to prevent a sudden attack of the invasion. The Dream Forest Interpretation"