Dreaming of being illustrious

What does dreaming of being illustrious mean? Is it good to dream of being illustrious? Dreams of eminence have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream that you are living a prominent life foretells that you will succeed in getting promoted and lead a completely different life from the one you are living now. To dream that someone else is living a prominent life symbolizes the attention of your friends to your life, which makes you feel very happy. To dream that you are famous and famous means that you are working in the right direction and soon you will be successful. A woman's dream of being famous foretells that your husband will be a successful person who will make you look good in your circle of friends. Dreams of notoriety remind you that if you want a better life, then you must always be aware of the consequences of your actions. A patient's dream of fame implies that you are very sick and all treatments are not effective and you have to face death."