Dreaming of being inside the water

What does it mean to dream of being inside the water? Is it good to dream of being inside water? Dreaming of being inside water has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. A pregnant person dreaming of being inside the water, foretelling the birth of a boy, and a girl in autumn, be careful not to miscarry. People who start a business dreaming of being inside the water, represents failure to make a profit, there are still losses, remove the old cloth and operate again. The dream of a person who is talking about marriage to see inside the water indicates that the marriage will be accomplished with one heart and one mind. Interpretation of dream inside the water Whether your dream appears to be a tranquil lake, a dripping stream, a raging river, or a calm ocean; water in dreams is always a metaphor for the essence of life, representing spiritual baptism and rebirth. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning in water; the lake symbolizes your desire to break away from your troubled life as soon as possible and long for a quiet and peaceful life. People preparing for exams dreaming of being inside water means poor performance in arts and failing to reach the admission mark. People who plan to go out dream of being inside the water, it is suggested that they may go out smoothly and be careful by the water. Psychological advice for dreaming inside water It's a day of work and play, and you'll be raring to go during the day, while after-work and after-school parties are expected. The chances are high that your ideas or proposed projects will pass muster, so be bold and strong when negotiating. To win the support of others is also one of the keys, how much you give to others in return will be how much, how the usual people in these two days can be seen. Dreams related to being inside the water [Dream 1]. I dreamed that I was fishing in the water with someone else's fishing rod: I dreamed that I was fishing in the water with someone else's fishing rod, and then the hook became bigger, like a scale hook, and I saw the fish going upstream, and then I took the hook and hooked it directly into the fish's mouth, and then I hooked ten golden fish, one black fish, and then I wanted to stew the black fish after I got home, what does that mean? [Dreamland 2 Dreaming that my car fell into the water: Dreaming that I was going to drive. Couldn't see where my car was. So I pressed the remote control and saw the car's double flashing lights come on. Then I went to drive. Just arrived at the car's front. I saw 2 old people I knew fall into the pond together behind the car. I rushed to jump into the pond. Saved 2 old people. Later came a lot of people I know to help me together to lift the car up. After the license plate fell off. Is 2 half. The car is full of water inside [Dreamland 3 dream of drowning: and cousin together, in a scene like a park, the weather is very hot, cousin's husband called to urge cousin home, cousin accompanied me to the end of the park to my clothes, in the middle of a place need to use the boat, I bargained with the boatman when cousin fell into the water, I could see the water she could not reach, so called for help, around a lot of people swimming, boating, water play, and eventually rescued cousin, in the embrace of her The wet feeling is very real, anxious and sad in my heart, afraid of not saving her [Dream 4]. Dream of being flooded: I dreamed that I was in the sea like a river, then shouted something and a big wave hit me and I was flooded, then I seemed to be washed to a place like a sewer and saw a strange and scary woman, although in the end she was friendly and asked me to help [Dream 5]. I dreamed of a pair of pythons in the river: I dreamed that there was a pair of pythons in the river east of the road Golden is female, silver is male, the river was very clear, the middle of the silver male python with a large stone, I teased them and then angered them, then I felt that they were actually dragons and plotted with Grandpa Land to retaliate against me, I felt scared and went to show my friendship, and then got friendly with them. [Dreamland 6 Dream of falling into the water with relatives: we went out together, just passed a river, somehow, two relatives fell into the water one after another, I fell in to save them, the current was very strong, I could not save them, but I can swim, I swam to the shore by myself, grabbed the stake, an acquaintance pulled me, I was successful in getting to shore, but two relatives just did not know where they ended up, the dream just woke up! I hope the master to explain what is going on "