Dreaming of being kissed by someone you like

What does it mean to dream of being kissed by someone you like? How about dreaming of being kissed by someone you like? Dreaming of being kissed by someone you like has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Kissing represents a wonderful sense of human connection and love, which is the best weapon to solve all conflicts. To dream of inappropriate kissing indicates that your leisure and entertainment will be dangerous, reminding you to stay away from or not to indulge too much in cheap fun, otherwise it will bring adverse effects to your wonderful family. To dream of a person you like indicates good progress in their relationship. To dream of yourself and someone you like suggests that you will be widely trusted by others and your luck with people will increase dramatically. People who start a business dreaming of being kissed by someone they like, represents a lot of repetitive losses, think of ways to rectify. A pregnant person dreaming of being kissed by someone he likes, foretells the birth of a boy, and a girl in spring and summer. The mother should take good care of her body to prevent wind and cold. People preparing for exams dreaming of being kissed by someone they like means a little wrong answer in arts, affecting the big picture, can be admitted. Psychological advice for dreaming of being kissed by someone you like The more you move around, the luckier you'll be. These two days are also good for making new contracts or preparatory work before contracting. There is also the opportunity to meet foreign friends, who may open up another business possibility. But don't go wandering around after work is over, you have a feeling of spending money outside of your schedule. Dreams related to being kissed by someone you like [Dream 1]. I dreamt of someone I used to like: I dreamt of someone I used to like, I used to be very happy together, then I don't know what reason he ignored me, yesterday I dreamt of him at school, he still ignored me, but from the bottom of the stationery box out of the stationery I used to buy for him (I did not buy) threw me, his classmates told me to stay away from him, I talked to him he just ignored, what does it mean? [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that he liked me and found out that I also liked him, and then he left to go to a faraway place. I couldn't let him go, so I sent him a text message saying that I liked him and didn't have time to see him again. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I was with someone I liked: I dreamed that I somehow got to another place, and at first I thought there was a ghost, and I was pretending to be a statue, standing motionless against the wall. Suddenly opened the door and came in a male star I always liked, and the boy who came with him had been blurred to see. Later the boy asked some questions, asked the cattle and pigs, I said I want to obsess about the cattle and grab the male star's arm, and then he turned around and hugged me, and we were together. The male star is 7 years older than me. [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my favorite person hugged me: my favorite person proved to me that he was separated from his girlfriend, and then hugged me and said to his girlfriend that he was separated, and then he sent me pink shoes. Then I saw that there was a pair of couple shoes. I asked for the women's, thought he would take the men's, but he took the doll next to the men's [Dream 5]. Dreams of people like: dream and their favorite boy with my many friends, and then my many friends said often listen to me mention him, the boy said why always mention me, may not want to let everyone misunderstand us both so he took the initiative to mention his girlfriend, I wondered, he does not have a girlfriend? I was very angry to ask him, you do not have a girlfriend, he said no, but, before he said he began to cry, I do not know if he was not willing to let me with him very close so aggrieved to cry or want to be with me but can not be together and cry. Finally we both kissed and hugged. [Dreamland 6 Dream of once like people: dream of once like people to send my photos to the WeChat circle of friends, and finally came to the specific do not remember too much, I only remember myself was very surprised, and then I seem to have asked why my photos sent up, and seems to have added a sentence what this person is very good-looking, in short, there to help me promote the meaning, let me call the deletion of it, and then after the deletion was later sent once again, and then I do not remember "