Dreaming of being pregnant and having a daughter

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant and having a daughter? Is it good to dream of a pregnant daughter? Dreaming of pregnancy and giving birth to a daughter has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Interpretation of dream about pregnancy and birth of a daughter A woman dreaming of pregnancy foretells happiness and increased material wealth. To dream that you are pregnant is a sign that you will lead a happy life and will also live without worries. To dream that you are pregnant is a desire for sex and a need for sex, and the thought of marriage in your mind. On the other hand there is also the possibility that you are afraid of being pregnant and that is why you are dreaming about it day and night. To dream of your daughter is a sign that many unpleasant things will be replaced by happiness and harmony. But if in the dream, for whatever reason, she fails to meet your expectations, it implies that you will encounter troubles and dissatisfaction. Dreaming of giving birth to a daughter, life goes smoothly. A person preparing for an examination dreaming of giving birth to a pregnant daughter means that he or she cannot get what he or she wants after many twists and turns. People who are talking about marriage dream that they are pregnant and give birth to a daughter, indicating that they cannot communicate their feelings, there are changes, and marriage is difficult. A person who starts a business dreaming of giving birth to a daughter during pregnancy represents unfavorable financial luck, no big investment, it is better to guard and wait for the time to come. A pregnant person dreaming of giving birth to a daughter, foretells that a daughter is expected to be born, and a boy is expected in autumn. People who plan to go out dream of giving birth to a daughter when they are pregnant, it is recommended that they do not change their schedule, go out as scheduled and return safely. Psychological advice for dreaming of a pregnant daughter The mindset of hard to satisfy needs to be adjusted. These two days you always feel that your efforts are not rewarded accordingly, complaining that your luck is not as good as others', in fact, the most important thing that should be changed is your ungrateful mentality! Open the newspaper to see, the same earth, shooting, bloodshed, kidnapping, car accidents ...... all kinds of tragic cases did not happen to you, is the most worthy of happy thing! Dreams related to dreaming of pregnancy and giving birth to a daughter [Dream 1]. I dreamed that my daughter became small and faceless: I dreamed that my daughter became 3 years old and faceless and did not like me. And her aunts we seemed to be hiding and looking for a way back, then the child disappeared and I was anxious not to find her, her aunts were busy buying and selling things themselves claiming public compensation for the demolition of the house. And then later I woke up due to fear and holding my urine ......(my daughter is now 18 years old) [Dreamland 2 Dreaming that my friend's daughter is pregnant: I dreamed that my friend's daughter was pregnant. I even touched her pregnant belly. Asked her if it could be twins. It felt very real. Could such a dream be a sign that there is really good news in reality. Please help me interpret it. Thank you. [Dreamland 3 dream of sleeping with a person's daughter: two nights in a row to do the same dream, the first day and colleagues sex also different places, but look down to not phase her people oh, and finally to his husband's friends saw then I went away people, and finally still found me at the river I gave them a few male control I cut my hair a light, they left, but the woman stayed with me, the woman said she said I with her divorced! The next night's dream, the meaning of the same. Please help me to open the way! [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my 10-month-old daughter was in a car accident: I dreamed that my 10-month-old daughter was crushed under the wheels of a bus while backing up, driven by a female driver who was a bit fat. Then I pulled the badge off the female driver and called an out-of-town cab to the hospital. During the child said a pain can not stand it. I woke up before I reached the hospital entrance. [Dream 5]. dream that my husband and daughter were beaten: dream to go to the fair, I saw my aunt and then talk to her, my husband went in front holding my daughter, after a while heard a noise in front, I rushed over to see, found my husband and daughter lying on the ground, how to scream also did not wake up, the man who beat him very arrogantly ran away [Dreamland 6 dreamed of relatives' daughter getting married: dreamed of relatives' female getting married, and dreamed of my lover taking the female getting married, also dreamed of my lover's second sister's nephew and niece laughing and giggling, and dreamed of taking to others that what thing, went to a room with them, dreamed of my lover's elder sister they looked for me and shouted at me, I said I was here I saw them here I said I helped them to take something, the sweets put inside I also to them I helped to take The two people who said they came also can not see things, because they took second-hand work heard someone knocking on the door and woke up. Do not remember too clearly, it seems that there is also buy apples still owe money for apples, marriage also received money, "