Dreaming of being pregnant with someone else's child

What does it mean to dream of being pregnant with someone else's child? Do you dream that you are pregnant with someone else's child? Dreaming of being pregnant with someone else's child has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. Those who are preparing for exams dream that they are pregnant with someone else's child, it means that they have good grades and are on the verge of being accepted, so it is advisable to work harder. The dream of a married person who is pregnant with another person's child indicates that the two parties are too strong and do not give in to each other and separate (no fate). People who start a business dreaming that they are pregnant with someone else's child, represents the phenomenon of changing career, it is advisable to be more careful, otherwise the loss will be greater. Interpretation of dreaming about being pregnant with someone else's child To dream of a child means that you will be unhappy and will find trouble with others. People who plan to go out dream that they are pregnant with someone else's child, it is recommended to go back and forth smoothly as expected. A pregnant person dreaming of being pregnant with another person's child, foretells the birth of a daughter, and a thousand gold, destiny, why lament. Psychological advice for dreaming that you are pregnant with someone else's child Beware of hints given to you by others! Most of the events that occur in these two days will give you hints beforehand. You need to pay attention to the situation! In addition, when dealing with problems in these two days, it is easy to appear indecisive, and opportunities will often be missed, so be vigilant. Health, the back easily feel discomfort, beware of kidney disease. Dreams about being pregnant with someone else's child [Dream 1]. Dream of children lost and found: dream of taking the child to school to attend the dance, all to school, the results of the school can not find the child, ask the teacher teacher said may be the bad guys monster away, I looked for the results found halfway, where the child sleeps and another child, I thought the child was in distress, the results woke up, the bad guys also came to chase us [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that someone gave my child to change the name: I was chased by my daughter by others, there was thunder and lightning in front of the sky a mixed bank, suddenly appeared Jigong Living Buddha said that my child's name and the people in the sky conflict, to change the name, I remember a word is the river, another word forgotten, because this dream for some time [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that my child was bleeding from the eyes, mouth and nose: I am pregnant, pregnant with my second child, my son is five years old, last night I dreamed that my son was bleeding from both eyes, mouth and nose, and twice, in the dream I was very anxious, anxious to take my son to the hospital, but in the dream his grandparents and father were not anxious, it happened to come to the bus, but the bus could not wait to go, I asked his father to drive, and then I woke up [Dream 4]. Dreaming of losing my cousin's baby: Recently, I always dream of a baby, the first time I dreamed of a baby, completely naked. Held by a little boy, the little boy wrestled the baby. The second time, I dreamed of a little boy peeing, peeing very high, and the third time I dreamed of my family going to play, with the sea, and then said that my cousin's daughter was lost and we were looking for the child. [Dream 5]. dream of losing a child: dream of my boyfriend we four people to go for a walk boyfriend and my child together I walked with his child later on the boyfriend himself came to me my child I did not see I said you lost my child I cried I want to break up with you where also did not find I called the police, my sister said the second marriage without children over not long [Dreamland 6 Dreaming of losing a child: I dreamed of going out with my grandma, brother and sister who have mobility problems. Because there were many people to take care of, it was too much to take care of. Grandma disappeared first seemed to go home. I found out that my sister was lost with my brother, and my brother blamed me for losing my sister. I was in a panic. "