Dreaming of being transgender

What does dreaming of being transgender mean? How about dreaming about sex change? Dreams of sex change have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. If you dream that your gender has changed and you or someone else has changed from a man to a woman, or from a woman to a man, such a dream indicates that you may have a subconscious desire to change your gender or remind yourself that you need to strengthen a certain aspect of your temperament so that it is good for you. An employee dreaming of a sex change means that the small moves you make behind the scenes are discovered by others, and people in the office despise you for this behavior of pleasing your boss. To dream of a sex change reminds you that if you want to make progress in a certain area, you must put in hard work so that you can succeed. To dream that your sex change is known to others implies that your family is in a crisis that is difficult to get out of due to some small problems that you usually don't notice. Case study of dreaming of sex change Dream description: Last month my boyfriend broke up with me, went out of town to work and never contacted me again. I was very sad, and last night I dreamed that I went all the way to him, but he simply had a sex change operation and became a beautiful woman in order to avoid me and let me die completely. What does this mean, please? Dream Analysis: Your dream is a counter dream! He also has some guilt inside you, but guilt and what can? The boyfriend has changed sex and you are the same body, the same body will not have the possibility of union. There are many good men in the world, find another one!"