Dreaming of black

What does dreaming of black mean? Is it good to dream of black? Dreaming of black has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Black in dreams has meanings of sadness, melancholy and power, obscurity, etc. It may also symbolize sin and calamity. To dream of black indicates that the dreamer is sad inside or will encounter difficulties. To dream that you are wearing black clothes foretells that you will encounter misfortune and a loved one may die. To dream of a black dog chasing you suggests that there is some blurring of morals and values in your mind. A man dreaming that he is in love with a woman in black indicates inner melancholy or that he has not yet found a lover in his life. Psychology dream interpretation Dream interpretation: The colors seen in dreams each have different symbols and play an important role. When using the spectrum to analyze the rainbow, yellow, orange and red are warm colors, which are positive colors. While blue, indigo and violet are cold colors and are negative colors. Green is a synthesis of cold and hot, and white has a variety of colors in its light. Psychoanalysis: Colors have a healing effect on health. When they appear in dreams, they have an indicative role in healing diseases. Specifically: Black: Contains all colors. Symbolizes patience, rejection and judgment. Spiritual symbolism: color confirms the presence of light. From a spiritual point of view, it means: red signifies self-image as well as sexuality, orange-yellow indicates the relationship with oneself as well as others, yellow is the emotional self, green implies one's consciousness, blue symbolizes self-expression and intelligence, indigo is the color of creativity, and purple implies cosmic responsibility."