Dreaming of calculation

What does dreaming of calculation mean? How about dreaming about calculation? Dreams of calculations have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of adding and subtracting calculations means that you will go through a bitter struggle in overcoming difficulties and will feel very tired. The degree of such difficulties will exceed your imagination and you must struggle with wisdom and endurance. To dream that you are busy in the operation of addition and subtraction means that you will make some exhausting struggle to overcome the difficulties, and only after the struggle you feel that the degree of difficulties is far more than you imagined beforehand. To dream of finding an error in addition indicates that you are able to see the enemy's strategy beforehand in real life and are able to check the enemy in advance. To dream of doing addition and subtraction with a computer is a prophecy that you will have a strong and powerful backer who can give you a big sigh of relief. If in your dream you are always unable to see exactly what the number is, it means that you have lost financially because you have overlooked certain key issues. Case study of dreaming about arithmetic Dream description: I dreamed that my classmates and I seemed to be doing problems in the hotel, I was copying her, and the result Ran teacher found, so the teacher was teaching me to do, but the answer to the question was never solved! Dream analysis: just like the problem you can't solve in the dream, dreaming of doing arithmetic means that you encounter a sub-problem, for which you need to put in long hours of effort."