Dreaming of caterpillars on my body

What does it mean to dream of caterpillars on my body? How about dreaming of caterpillars on your body? Dreams of caterpillars have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of caterpillars wriggling on leaves indicates that a mistake in behavior will occur. You should avoid new and innovative adventures and rash behavior. Dreaming of caterpillars indicates that you will be surrounded by many lewd villains and should beware of their lies. Love and career are likely to suffer setbacks. Dreaming of caterpillars makes you feel disgusting, which is an indication that many lewd villains have appeared in your periphery, and you should judge rationally and not let their lies and temptations deceive you, lest you be fooled. People who plan to go out dream of caterpillars on their bodies, it is recommended to stop in case of wind and rain, postpone the departure. A pregnant person dreaming of a caterpillar on her body, foretells the birth of a daughter, do not move the earth. People who start a business dreaming of caterpillars on their bodies, on behalf of not having a big investment, it is advisable to keep the old not home advisable to enter. Psychological advice for dreaming of caterpillars on your body Worrying about unnecessary things only adds to your mental fatigue. Don't let your imagination worsen the situation, but also direct your luck in that direction. Don't just look at the bad side of things that haven't happened yet. It will be a smooth day as long as you try to follow your usual attitude and principles, and remember to avoid big changes. Dreams related to caterpillars on the body [Dream 1]. I dreamed of trampling many caterpillars to death: I dreamed that I was playing in the house, and suddenly many caterpillars crawled out, so big caterpillars, many friends started to trample together, all trampled to death, we gathered the dead caterpillars into a pile, surprisingly, there was a balcony, and then found a person following my friend, we shouted, she ran into the corn field, we peeled away the corn, surprisingly clear, a glance can see the opposite bank, we caught up with her, I made a strong Kicked the door, she did not open, and as a result, my friend came over she took an iron to hit my friend's head. But not hurt, we then went to the queue to buy doughnuts, bought me a big, big doughnut, and the table is generally large [Dreamland 2 Dreaming of caterpillars getting into my ears: I dreamed that I didn't get on the train at the train station. Then dreamed that I flew up with my mother with props and flew to the woods. After landing. Found a wolf attacking himself. Later appeared many wolves. My mother and I flew away again with props, and I ran into a tree while flying. Waiting for safety. Found a lot of caterpillars on my body. My mother helped me to shoot some. I myself also in the shoot off. Then burned the caterpillars with a light. Then I looked in the mirror and found that I had been bitten. One caterpillar got into the ear. Let me get it out. I woke up scared. [Dreamland 3 Dream caterpillar: I dreamed that the bad guys were chasing a girl, I happened to ride my bike through and carried the girl on my bike and ran, the bad guys chased me all the way, then came to a bug garden, there were also butterflies, I forgot in the middle, I remembered that the bugs were sticking to my clothes one by one, how I couldn't finish shooting, and I woke up scared. [Dream 4]. Dream of caterpillars falling on themselves and their husbands and children: I dreamed that my husband and I were resting under the bamboo forest on the road, and suddenly the old falling caterpillars themselves, and then my husband popped away, and I don't like to kill, and then I saw them falling on my husband, and I told him, and he popped them away with his hands, and then the children drank milk, and held them over, and then they fell on the children. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I had a lot of caterpillars on my body: I dreamed that I had a lot of caterpillars crawling on my neck and head, and by the time I was on the shuttle bus with my sister-in-law, the caterpillars were crawling so itchy and itchy that I got anxious and told my sister-in-law to get rid of my caterpillars, take off my jacket and take off my hat, and then I remembered that I was supposed to be picking fruit to get the caterpillars on my body! [Dreamland 6 Dream of caterpillar: dreamed of going to the toilet in my house suddenly saw a thing crawling on the wall crawling fast only to see a blurred shadow it crawled this crawl to the back of my legs I wanted to shoo it down shoo not down and then grabbed it with my hands to see a large caterpillar quickly thrown into the toilet "