Dreaming of choosing a cemetery for an old man

What does it mean to dream of choosing a cemetery for an old man? Do you dream of choosing a cemetery for an elderly person? Dreaming of choosing a cemetery for an old man has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of an old man is a good omen, the future life will be rich and pleasant. To dream of an old man, the master will live forever and work, and be rich in wealth. The Secretaries of Dreams To dream of a cemetery or mausoleum symbolizes saying goodbye to the past and starting a new life. To dream of an old man is very auspicious, the main life span is long and prosperous. The Interpretation of Dreams and Forests To dream of an old man may, on the one hand, foretell guidance in your personal development. On the other hand, it may indicate your fear of death, or mental exhaustion. Dreaming of choosing a cemetery, there is a great possibility that your luck will rise in terms of interpersonal relationships. Your friendship with friends and relatives will be deeper, and you can discuss any difficulties with them, and they can definitely share your worries. A person preparing for an exam dreaming of choosing a cemetery for an old man means poor performance and failure to reach the ideal. A person who starts a business dreaming of choosing a cemetery for an old man represents a lot of twists and turns and failure to operate smoothly. A pregnant person dreaming of choosing a cemetery for an old man foretells the birth of a daughter. In spring, a man will be born. Be careful not to move the fetus. Psychological advice on choosing a cemetery for an old man in a dream You will encounter the situation of being interrogated. This behavior is not necessarily done by the police uncle, family members or lovers will also play this role, especially when they are worried about you! It's better to talk to them about what's on your mind, otherwise you'll become passive! ~ Dreams related to choosing a grave for an old man [Dream 1]. Dreaming of a dead old man: I dreamed that my dead grandmother was fighting with me in the hospital room for very sharp shoes to wear:. The fight to go to the grandmother did not wear many shoes under the hospital bed grandmother did not wear a pair of shoes to the feet, and then the grandmother was not lying in the hospital bed is an unknown boy a little fat, in a hanging injection, and a while later he plucked the needle out of the blood [Dreamland 2 Dream of the deceased old man: dream of the grandmother who died many years ago is still alive, the trustees called to shout me back home, said she died shouted me back for her afterlife, when I dry back home and she did not die, as if to cheat me back to live until the ninth day of the next month, as if I live with a man, he also seems to be my husband, grandmother cheated me back is to let me pregnant [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that I beat up an old man: This old man was driving in a rural rice field and crushed all the rice seedlings, and he didn't listen to the bystanders. So I ran over and beat him up. After that he was lying on the ground and asked me to take him to the doctor, then I scared him with a knife to kill him, he got scared, then my father persuaded him, he got up, then my father let him have some dinner at my house, he finished eating and took a phone call and left. (Courtesy of IA Netizen) [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my grandfather was bullying the elderly: I dreamed that my grandfather asked me to push a few shopping carts to give to my mother, but halfway through I was tricked by two old men into a very sophisticated boutique, and then the two men went to steal the bags from that store, I went out of the store to find my grandfather and found that the two old men were backstabbing my grandfather, and then I went back to the boutique to remind the store owner that something had been stolen, but she didn't care, I left the store and met my mother on the road. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I helped a long-dead old man to take revenge: I dreamed that the couplets at home were switched, and when I went to look for them, I saw people playing mahjong, and then I was asked to help pour water, and it was with an old man's skull holding water, and when I poured the water, the skull broke several times with mucus, and then an old man's appearance appeared next to me, smiling and saying well, take it. I put the skeleton holding water on the mahjong table of those people, did not return to go, all those people's arms were bitten off one. [Dreamland 6 Dream of an old man who passed away: I was sleeping in bed and my sister was closing the door and holding the lid against the door, but it was opened several times by something, and my sister carefully peeked out to see what she didn't see. At this time, an old man appeared in front of her and came over, and my sister still did not see. The old man passed in front of my bed wanted to go to the pot to see if there was rice, it seems that there is no, turned around and wanted to go, I also seem to be saying, no rice you go I'm sleeping and so on, he found me pretending to sleep to beat me, I was awakened by shock "