Dreaming of clothes wet by water

Dreaming of clothes wet by water what does it mean? Do you dream that your clothes are wet by water? Dreams of clothes being wet by water have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Whether your dream appears to be a tranquil lake, a dripping stream, a raging river, or a calm ocean; water in dreams is always a metaphor for the essence of life, representing spiritual baptism and rebirth. Once your life becomes complicated, you may dream of drowning in water; the lake symbolizes your desire to break away from your troubled life as soon as possible and long for a quiet and peaceful life. Dreaming of clean clothes - Dreaming of clean clothes is a good sign. People who plan to go out dream that their clothes are wet by water, it is recommended to go out smoothly as expected. A person preparing for an examination dreaming that his clothes are wet with water means he fails to get admitted as he wishes. People who start a business dreaming that their clothes are wet by water, represents getting money smoothly, as desired, not to expand the investment. The dream of a married person who sees his clothes being wet by water indicates that it is difficult to make a marriage with the intervention of a third party. A pregnant person dreaming that his clothes are wet with water foretells the birth of a boy. A woman will be born in March or April. Be careful against miscarriage. Psychological advice for dreaming that your clothes are wet with water These two days, you will feel that everything is going smoothly, the mood is very happy, even if you encounter some small situation, but also because of the goddess of luck, the problem will soon be lifted, is very lucky day! Of course, financial luck is also very good, you may want to do some investment planning, I believe there are also good opportunities for profit yo! Dreams related to clothes getting wet by water [Dream 1]. dream of a large reservoir: the water is green, want to go down to catch fish, but also with the next less tomb people said, so much water to put when, the next person replied the night, I will not catch, come up, also saw a few ducks next to the reservoir, there are people in the top of the tree in making a frame to catch birds, there is a collapsed earth tomb by the road [Dreamland 2 Dreaming that water is leaking from the old house: There is a hole in the house. The family uses a bucket to catch the water. It was like rain. I said the house will collapse if it continues like this. The family collapsed and moved into a new house. I said that doesn't lun regardless of ah. When I woke up my old house has been a fire. There will be no more. How can you have such a dream. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed of a disaster, a flood of doom and gloom: I started to dream that my wife and I were getting ready for the wedding and my dead grandmother was supporting the wedding and before I started to go out to meet the moment of the flood of doom and gloom, my 4 year old realistic son was in trouble and rushed back to the last refuge in the world, a large basement, and went in and found that the people who didn't get in were outside the glass of the basement, submerged in water and looking at us in pain. I was thinking about what I wanted to do at the end of my life, and I couldn't remember a single thought, but I remembered that I wanted to smoke a cigarette. Then my mind flashed and I started to wonder if I was going to kill myself with a knife after the glass in the basement burst and flooded (the basement is under the moment of the imminent break-in) and then I woke up **** [Dream 4]. I dreamed that my mother was missing from the flood: I had a terrible dream the night before last, dreaming that everyone was fine from the flood, but the only thing that was missing was my mother, dreaming that an infinite piece of land was flooded, but there were many ball players basketball volleyball and so on, but they were all fake, only one was real, and the task for my mother was to find the real one, and then my mother was missing, and everyone was too timid to go to my mother, and I myself was timid but I was still looking for the real ball in the flood. I was also timid, but I was still looking for the real ball in the flood, as if I could fly but not high, my feet were still in the water. Later, I dreamed that my boyfriend seemed to be flooded and also quite dangerous, I forgot the details,, please explain to me, what is wrong? [Dream 5]. I dreamed that the supermarket was full of clothes: I dreamed that it was like a supermarket, but I didn't sell anything, but the clothes were mostly my own sister's, and then there were my own. Finally part-time job back and then someone told me that their battery car will not lend people how to lend us I was very strange the next thing I forget [Dreamland 6 Dream of a drowned and abandoned sick baby boy: I dreamed that I was with my sister at the river, she went into the water and saw a drowned and abandoned sick baby boy, I asked her to save him, the baby boy lay flat and spit out a lot of water and woke up, smiling at me, my sister took out his things and saw that the case was sepsis, I looked at him and cried very sadly but he kept looking at me and smiling, his little face was red and puffy! Woke up crying! "