Dreaming of contradiction Mutual contact

Dreaming of contradiction Mutual contact What does it mean? Do you dream of contradictions and interconnections? Dreams about contradictions and interconnections have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a conflict with another person foretells that the dreamer will be carefree. Dreaming of a conflict with your wife means that everything will go well at home, so you will be in a happy mood. A woman in love dreaming that she has a conflict with her lover implies that the dreamer will be worried and her relationship will have problems. To dream of having a conflict with someone else foretells that the dreamer will be worried about his difficulties and should pay attention to interpersonal relationships. Psychology dream interpretation Dream description: Interconnection represents mediation between conflicting parties and the additional energy that results. In contrast, when the word denotes the meaning of a union, an association, it symbolizes collective behavior that benefits everyone. Psychoanalysis: All people want to find unity in duality, that is, to establish a connection between two sides of something or between two contradictory sides. The dream about unity reflects this meaning. Observed from a psychological point of view, it indicates that the dreamer is always looking for a partner. Spiritual symbolism: on a spiritual level, the connection in the dream symbolizes the establishment of unity, i.e., a return to the beginning."