Dreaming of date palms growing in the yard

What does it mean to dream of date palms growing in the yard? How about dreaming of date palms growing in the yard? The dream of date palms growing in the yard has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the dreamer's subjective imagination. If you dream of a date palm tree, you will be happy to have a son. People who intend to go out dream of date palm trees growing in their yard, it is advisable to go out less, otherwise they must go with three or four people. People who are talking about marriage dream of date palms growing in the yard, indicating that they need to communicate with each other and there is hope for marriage, don't miss the opportunity. People who start a business dreaming of growing date palm trees in the yard represent unfavorable business operation, it is advisable to re-adjust and open again to gain profit. Psychological advice for dreaming of date palms growing in the yard Why not unleash your creativity in these two days? Maybe those people around you are surprised jaws dropped ideas but can get a good result? These two days you can also try your luck, buy some lottery tickets, the results may be a big surprise to you Oh. Dreams related to seeing date palms growing in the yard [Dream 1]. I dreamed I fell off the roof of my house: I dreamed I saw a lot of date palm trees growing on the roof of my house, and I was eating dates with my partner on the roof, when someone drove to the roof of my house and called my husband to help, my husband said wait a minute, and we laughed at the driver! At this time I saw someone cutting my soybean, the soybean field is in the west side of the house, I shouted at him to continue cutting, I just want to curse my foot stepped on the air and fell from the roof, woke up in shock! [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I could fly, and that I could walk back and forth in a little while, and that there were many date palms halfway, and many dates on the ground, and a little girl, three or four years old, drinking milk from a pacifier, who was born with light red hair. I also praised the other child for her understanding, I feel that the other seems to be a girl, but I'm not sure, there are quite a few hanging scenes, I can not remember vaguely [Dreamland 3 I dreamt of two date palm trees: one was a big date palm tree outside my west wall as if it was someone else's house for more than ten years, thick, tall and big, with lush branches and leaves, and a piece of branch with so many dense big green dates, and the other was a date palm tree in my own yard that was a bald tree, and I remembered clearly in the dream that because the tree grew big and somewhat shaky, my mother pinched off a branch so that it would not grow high in order to expand the branches and leaves [Dream 4]. Dreaming of a date palm tree: I dreamed of a tree with dates growing on the leaves of a date palm tree, green and red, but more green than red. You have a very big tree and many, many dates on the branches, and the dates on the branches are bending the branches. But it didn't break. The only thing that was a little strange was that it was also raining lightly. But at first I told my mother that this is an apricot tree? Then I tasted it myself and it was very crunchy and sweet, it was dates. Then I woke up. [Dream 5]. I dreamt that the date palm tree was cut: The date palm tree at my aunt's house had a lot of dates on it, all of which were red, and a few of which were a little red and sweet. The date palm tree grew longer than the roof of the house, and my aunt and I were playing on the roof, and I ate a red date. Then, for some reason, my aunt's belt got hung up on the tree, and she climbed the tree to get it, and my aunt's mother-in-law cut the tree off at the root, and my aunt came down from the tree unharmed. [Dreamland 6 Dreaming that someone else has finished picking the fruit from the date palm tree: dreaming of going to someone else's house! Someone else had already finished picking the fruit from the date palm tree! But there were plums and green pomegranates and dates left! I didn't feel like eating anything else in the absence of the owner! So I just ate the dates and then the plums! I also told my mother-in-law that she had a grafted tree! There are all kinds of fruits! I feel that although not their own trees are also happy for people to harvest fruit "