Dreaming of default

What does dreaming of default mean? How about dreaming about breach of contract? Dreaming of a breach of contract has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of violating regulations, business will lose money. A soldier dreaming of violating army rules will be hated by his superiors. Dreaming of serving a frail person will be blessed by elders. If you dream that your wife breaks the law or is weak, you will not have peace at home. The old man dreamed that he was a useless person and would soon leave the world. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Breaking a promise is the main blessing. People know that plans can't catch up with change, making promises may not always be fulfilled, and the reason you make promises is often because the other party lacks trust in you. So in the dream, the promise is on the kind of ominous omen, broken promises instead of blessings. Psychological analysis: To dream that you break an appointment means the coming of happiness. A businessman dreaming that he breaks a contract means that he can open up new markets."