Dreaming of eating and biting off my tongue

What does it mean to dream of eating and biting off my tongue? How about dreaming that you bite your tongue off at dinner? Dreaming of eating and biting off the tongue has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. The head in a dream usually symbolizes authority and social position, and is associated with dignity, trouble, wisdom and other aspects of meaning. Dreaming of eating, bad mood and unhappiness. To dream of a tongue indicates that the dreamer is in a bad mood recently and there are villains spreading rumors. To dream of your tongue may suggest that a villain will spread rumors about you and put you in a troubled mood. People who plan to go out dream of eating and biting off their tongues, it is recommended to be careful in case of wind and go well. People who start a business dreaming of eating and biting off their tongues, representing a smooth gain of wealth, careful to prevent lawsuits, should not be expanded. The dream of a married man who sees his tongue bitten off at dinner indicates that the relationship is initially smooth, but later cannot withstand the test and eventually becomes difficult. Psychological advice for dreaming of eating and biting off your tongue The people around you began to have a hint of change. You should quickly take countermeasures, otherwise it will be too late to wait for the group mind to change. Such as important plans should be carried out in secret, once the information leaked will lose the opportunity. In addition, physical discomfort will have a negative impact on work, it is particularly important to get enough sleep in the meantime. At the same time, there is no luck in the cross-hairs, gambling, high-risk investments should wait and see. Dreams related to biting off your tongue while eating [Dream 1]. I dreamed of growing something on my tongue: I dreamed that I grew a lot of flesh on both sides of my tongue and under my tongue, like a membrane, and tore them off with my hands, resulting in a lot of things, and then I kept feeling that there was something on my tongue that I kept wanting to spit out. A vomit on a large pile, what trachea, liver and so on, and then afraid of family members to find, they secretly put these vomit out of things with a bag to throw into the garbage ...... [Dreamland 2 I dreamed that I vomited out three sections of my tongue with blood: I dreamed that I was uncomfortable with my neck, and then I vomited blood, and then I vomited out something with my hand, and when I squeezed it, it was soft, and I washed it out with water, and I found that I vomited out three sections of my own tongue. I hurriedly took the tongue to ask my mother what was going on, and I kept feeling uncomfortable in my throat, and there were some tissues attached to my tongue that I couldn't pull out of my throat. [Dreamland 3 I dreamed that my tongue was cut: I dreamed that I went to a place I didn't know what it was and suddenly there was an earthquake, which caused a tsunami, and then a male teacher took me to escape, and I dreamed that I couldn't talk and my tongue was cut and was bleeding. Then the male teacher disappeared and I went to look for him, only to find him on a stainless steel bridge where he was walking on the railing of the bridge. [Dream 4]. I dreamed of losing my tongue in a nosebleed: a pregnant woman dreamed she was having a nosebleed, then her tongue fell out, but she could still talk, not knowing whether it was her tongue or not, then I went to the doctor, halfway across the bridge, the man wouldn't let me cross, my friend came over the bridge, then bought water for my friend, then we continued to look for a doctor, and when we got to the doctor's office, the doctor I was looking for wasn't there, to be exact, there was no doctor, I was confused. Then a little girl wanted me to go to eat skewers, I did not go, she insisted that I go, has been pestering me, I scolded her, scolded on the line, what is the meaning of this ah [Dream 5]. I dreamed that a cat licked my finger with its barbed tongue: I dreamed that a cat kept chasing me and licked my finger with its barbed tongue after I caught up with it. After I broke free, I continued to run. While running and looking, I was scared to death, my fingers were all barbed on the cat's tongue, the barbs seemed to be alive, and kept drilling into my fingers. My other hand hurriedly well injured hand to run home, ran home my mother saw, said she asked her to look at the wound, look, the barbs have almost all drill fingers inside. [Dreamland 6 Dream of tongue rotting in the mouth: the dream suddenly well converted to the tongue suddenly rotted, meat all in the mouth, speak unclear, especially uncomfortable, on hospitalization, transfer, the meat itself has not fallen, a bunch of rotten in the mouth, then fell feeling fast, I especially want to spit out the meat, the doctor did not let spit, I gave wake up. "