Dreaming of falling into the river and coming up again

Dreaming of falling into the river and coming up again what does it mean? Do you dream that you fall into the river and come up again? Dreaming of falling into the river and coming up again has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreaming of a river symbolizes a stream of life, and crossing it means passing through a trial in life and represents smoothness. To dream that you fall into a river means that your life is in flux and you are afraid to face life. A pregnant person dreaming of falling into the river and coming back up again, foretells that she expects to give birth to a boy, and a girl in April or May. Save your diet and pay attention to nutrition. People who are talking about marriage dream that they fall into the river and come up again, indicating that if both parties can trust each other and do not listen to rumors, the marriage will be successful. People who start a business dream that they fall into the river and come back up again, representing the stop and start is not very smooth, can not last, there are losses. People who are preparing for exams dream that they fall into the river and come up again, it means that they fail in the first exam and there is hope for them to try again. People who plan to go out dream of falling into the river and coming up again, it is recommended to postpone going out for a few days. Psychological advice for dreaming of falling into a river and coming back up You just want to be nice to yourself these days. Attending a fun party makes you very happy. A little money comes in and makes you happy. Fish for success and let yourself have a relaxing day. Dreams related to falling into the river and coming back up [Dream 1]. I dreamed that the dog drowned in the river: I dreamed that my old classmates and I were walking in a scenic spot, and I saw a dog in the river drowned at the end of the water, the dog crawled from underwater to the shore, after a water whirlpool, a pool of water closer to the offshore dog in the water was swept into the bottom of the water, I heard the dog barking, but the dog did not come up, the water was unclear and not muddy, as if to say that the winter landscape is particularly good, and now it is a construction site. [Dreamland 2 Dream about being pushed down a river: I traveled abroad, I think it was Egypt, and a local man accompanied me to see the scenery. He took me to the river and I saw that the river was beautiful and flowers were floating on the river, but it was very cold. The man said I could go down the river, I just thought I should change clothes, he suddenly pushed me down the river, and then I was very angry, struggled in the river, climbed up the bank, looking for a family by the river to change clothes, suddenly felt cold outside, hesitated whether to go down the river, and woke up [Dreamland 3 Dreaming of a little girl in the river: dreamed of coming out of the hospital and seeing a frozen river with children underneath it after the ice broke, some families went there without children, the children were very poor, and saw with my own eyes a woman going to the ice cave and picking up a child with black hair wearing a cotton shirt with a red background of rags, very frightening and scary! [Dream 4]. I dreamed that a child fell into the river: we two mothers and daughters together in the kind of like the Japanese kind of motorcycle to a place, no road on the way, it happens that he can also drive a car in the water, suddenly the child is still sitting in the middle so fell, it is not clear to save up, fell a little bit I woke up in the dream. [Dream 5]. Pregnant woman dreamed of a strange boy riding a bicycle into the river and drowned: I was just a month pregnant dreamed that it had just rained, the ground was still very wet, I was with a strange boy who was riding a bicycle, his brother was on the other side, I was walking and saw him fall into the river I went to save him how could not catch, and then his brother picked him up when he was already dead [Dreamland 6 Dream of falling into the river: I dreamed that I fell into the river on a motorcycle, then two people came to rescue me, one was my own brother, the other was a friend I did not know very well, I was rescued but the friend was hit by the motorcycle that I raised the river with my left hand and was redirected by the river, then I watched the friend was pumped away by a similar bucket (swirling like that, it was artificial, head down.) The motorcycle was borrowed by a person I didn't know to drive for fun. It seems that I was really watching people riding very happy and then a person came over and gave me a motorcycle. The river seemed to affect me a little at the beginning of the dream. The dream happened around 5~6 1/2. Ask the master to interpret the dream! "