Dreaming of fighting fire

What does dreaming of fighting fire mean? Do you dream of a fire? Dreams of firefighting have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of putting out a fire is a sign of loss. A businessman dreaming of fighting fire foretells that business will fail. Dreaming of sparks flying, to come to money. Dreaming that your house is on fire will bring you good luck. Dreaming of a fire being put out will result in lack of food and clothing or loss of love. A woman dreamed that her son would be smart and beautiful when she lit a fire with ease. If you dream that fire is not easy to light, you will be disappointed and afraid of shyness. I dreamed that I had an unfortunate burn on my limbs while fighting a fire, and that I would soon have a high fever. To dream of many houses burning down means that many of your fellow citizens will be starved to death or taken by cholera."