Dreaming of fighting with a gun

What does it mean to dream of fighting with a gun? Is it good to dream of fighting with a gun? Dreams of fighting with guns have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who are preparing for exams dream of fighting with a gun, it means that the poor performance in oral exam or retest affects the admission. People who start a business dreaming of fighting with a gun, represents failure to go well, think twice, it is better to guard than to enter. Married people dreaming of fighting with guns, indicating that misunderstandings conflict, can not be reconciled, marriage can not be. Interpretation of dream about fighting with a gun To dream of a gun is an auspicious omen, representing a promotion to an auspicious position. To dream of a gun often indicates that you will encounter setbacks and suffer losses. A businessman dreaming of a war foretells that an existing project is not feasible. To dream of fighting a battle is a sign that you are doing things with foresight. A thief or burglar dreaming of a battle is likely to be caught red-handed. People who plan to go out dream of fighting with a gun, it is recommended to postpone going out temporarily. A pregnant person dreaming of fighting with a gun foretells the birth of a boy. In spring, it means the birth of a daughter. Psychological advice for dreaming of fighting with a gun The usual toil of you, these two days can only work silently, calmly through, will not be urgent things first suspended, after recharging and then start again. The two days in the convenience of love is also difficult to expand, or maintain the previous state, waiting for the time to strike again, only to have the hope of victory. Dreams related to fighting with guns [Dream 1]. Dream of war: I dreamed of a war a friend of mine was undercover he killed a lot of people, and then I hid under the table, he fired a lot of shots at the table just hit my stomach, a lot of blood, I covered my stomach with my hand he saw me still breathing to my neck opened a gun, I felt like I could not breathe, he opened a gun to my head, feel like I was dying, I woke up. [Dreamland 2 Dream of encountering a war: I dreamed I had just come back and someone told me the person I liked had left the house, I went to stay but refused. Then he went on a march and was stopped for a while and continued, she and I have been handcuffed together, then bombed by a plane, the plane crashed, the pilot was arrested, then a fierce battle, I dodged but the handcuffs were still in I picked up a gun idea to handcuffs failed [Dreamland 3 I dreamed of fighting the devils: The devils cut on my arm and it bled. My knife didn't come out of my body, and the cut didn't bleed. I dreamed that a man in a woman's clothes asked me to masturbate him. Finally ejaculate. The other side said to talk with each other, but the other side used poison to assassinate us our people basically touched the place are poisoned, I did not poison [Dream 4]. dream of climbing a mountain in a war: nap dream like a period of war, they also saw almost thirty years have not seen their childhood playmates also cried, many people together up the mountain, some have been at the top of the mountain, I was just a step away from the top of the mountain, we seem to have returned to ancient times, there is an ancient man to help us, the man also set the bagua formation, I pretended to be a man's dress mixed through the kid's barrier [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I traveled to ancient times to fight in a war: myself and all the students in my class traveled to ancient times to fight in a war, we all became generals, in the subsequent battle, our class of beautiful girls all one by one battle death, a battle, I like the girl Hua Yi wearing white armor, riding a peach blossom horse across the sands, suddenly a flying gun flew, pierced the small of Hua Yi, she fell off the horse, spitting blood, died in battle. [Dreamland 6 I dreamed that my boyfriend went to war: I dreamed that my boyfriend went to war, and then I had a new suitor, and on the way out at one time with the suitor, I found my boyfriend in the grass by the roadside, turning into a model the size of a banana, and holding a gun in my hand all the time, and my mouth was breaking, and then I rushed to call my best friend, and then I woke up,,, "