Dreaming of fire burning on water

Dreaming of fire burning on water what does it mean? How about dreaming that there is a fire burning on the water? The dream of a fire burning on the water has realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of a fire burning on the water is an auspicious dream that indicates that things that were already dead will gradually get better again. (The official website of Zhou Gong Dream Interpretation ) Dreaming of burning fire is an auspicious omen, foretelling good fortune in the near future, life will become more and more exciting. If you dream of a fire and you can't jump out of the fire, if you feel dry mouth after waking up from the dream, it means your yang energy is too strong, false fire attacking your heart, and your mood is also distracted, it's best to go to a Chinese doctor quickly to help you adjust. If you dream of a fire burning a mountain and it is getting more and more intense, if you feel very stuffy in the dream and then wake up, it means you have a bad sleeping posture and that is why you have this dream. And if you don't feel discomfort in the dream of burning mountain, this is a great auspicious dream, which means you will be promoted in your job and your fortune will be upgraded. To dream of a fire going out, leaving only a stream of smoke and flickering ashes, indicates that you will have a setback in your work career, or you are in a happy mood when something suddenly makes you feel bored. To dream of a roaring fire with blazing flames rising is a dream of great good fortune, indicating that you will have good fortune and will have a large amount of income coming in. To dream that you light a big fire is also an auspicious dream, indicating that you are in good health. To dream of black smoke coming from a large fire is an inauspicious dream, indicating that you may have a disease that you have not been aware of, and that you should seek medical examination and early treatment as soon as possible. Zhou Gong Stock Market To dream of a fire burning on water, the stock market suggests that even if it rises temporarily, it will not last."