Dreaming of flowers blooming

What does dreaming of flowers blooming mean? Is it good to dream of flowers blooming? Dreams of flowers have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Dreams of flowers bloom, said you will be very rich, especially can be promoted to a position, plus their own hard work, so you can work in the work of no disadvantage, but you have to pay attention to interpersonal relations between colleagues, the imposing can not be good. Dreaming of chrysanthemum blossoms, money will be very orange, - this time simply ask your mother for more pocket money! Dreaming of breaking a branch of a cherry tree, a shadow appears on the health front. The possibility of getting injured is extremely high. If you like to play basketball or roller skating, you must be extra careful to do so. Dreaming of roses in bloom, a love rival will appear. Whether it will become a - love triangle, depending on your means how to come up with the courage to fight, the goddess of victory will smile at you. Dreaming of hydrangea blossoms, the luck of the opposite sex decreases. The person you have a crush on is far away due to his father's work withering ...... how lonely your heart will be at this time! To raise the spirit, Prince Charming will still appear. Dreaming of cherry blossoms blown down by the wind, love luck rises. You can expect a happy date, preferably watching a movie, listening to a song, attending a concert, etc. together. However, the cost of the date must be half borne by each, as there is a danger of arguments over money. Dreaming of sunflowers in full bloom, you will have particularly good luck in elections. You can run for class representative or student council president, and you are guaranteed to be elected with a high number of votes. Dreaming of cherry blossoms in full bloom, there is a possibility of friendships becoming distant. Your best friend is in a big relationship with someone else and can't take the time to contact you because he is busy with dating. The relationship between the two is thus gradually distant ...... When you dream of plum blossoms, your overall luck is in the process of advancing and retreating. When you meet a good thing and secretly rejoice, suddenly something happens that makes you very disappointed. It is best to keep your feet on the ground at this time and not to speculate. Dreaming of vegetable blossoms all over the place, you will have excellent luck with brothers. For six months there will be no quarrel, so you can get a bonus from both parents. What's not to like? Dreaming of tea blossoms, love will continue to develop. The hearts of two people will be very close and must meet every day. The only thing that worries me is that I may have wasted my studies because of this. Dreaming of petunias blooming, in love, luck has a tendency to improve. At this time, it is better to read more literary works, not just comic books."