Dreaming of growth

What does dreaming of growth mean? How about dreaming of growth? Dreams of growth have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of lush growth of grains indicates that you can earn big money. To dream that many flowers and trees grow in your yard is a great auspicious dream, indicating that you have been happy lately, and your work career and life are going well, and you can also rise high. To dream that a tree grows in your house or living room is a very bad dream, indicating that your loved ones may be affected by a disaster recently and you should pay special attention to it. Psychology dream interpretation Dream Interpretation: Internal changes that cause the dreamer to change the way he or she treats the people around him or her. Finding out one's true face and surroundings belongs to the stages of one's growth. They are expressed in the dream as the growth of plants. Psychoanalysis: If people dream about their childhood, it means that they have established a connection with their growing experience. Spiritual symbolism: in a dream, growth may be an identification with a new spiritual maturity, that is what the dreamer should follow."