Dreaming of half of an object

What does dreaming of half of an object mean? How about dreaming about half of an object? There are realistic influences and reactions to dreaming about half of an object, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Sometimes, people see half of an object or a process that proceeds to the midway point in a dream. This type of dream has a special meaning; it usually indicates the incompleteness of a certain stage that the dreamer is going through. The ";half" in these dreams; suggests that the dreamer has to make a decision as soon as possible so as to continue the process of work. If the dreamer sees only half of the things he touches in real life in his dream, it means that he is hiding an inferiority complex. He is not willing to fight to have the goals he wishes to achieve. Climbing to half of the mountain and walking only half of the distance indicate that the dreamer lacks the ability and courage to make decisions. Spiritually, dreams about half parts of things provide us with an important thing to learn: things may only show one side of it; it's how one perceives it that matters."