Dreaming of harmful things

What does dreaming of harmful things mean? How about dreaming about harmful substances? Dreams of harmful substances have realistic implications and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. To dream of worrying due to any kind of harmful substance indicates that you will soon encounter a disturbing situation. To dream that someone else is worried because of harmful things is a sign that unpleasant new situations will make you very angry. To dream of vermin wriggling is a sign that you will be troubled by illness and take on many worries that will bring trouble. To dream of destroying a pest is a sign that the success you have longed for is coming. If you dream that you cannot destroy pests, then a cruel and unfortunate parting of life and death may come to you or your loved ones. Dreaming of drugs is an ominous sign of loss. To dream of eating drugs is an omen of illness. A patient dreaming of eating drugs foretells that his condition will worsen. A woman dreaming of eating drugs, the relationship between husband and wife will become cold."