Dreaming of having my cell phone stolen

What does it mean to dream of having your cell phone stolen? How about dreaming that your cell phone is stolen? Dreaming of a stolen cell phone has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. People who are preparing for exams dream that their cell phones are stolen, it means that they have poor performance in arts, it is difficult to pass the oral examination and they fail to get admission. People who start a business dreaming that their cell phone is stolen represents slow progress, have faith and do not listen to one-sided words. People who are talking about marriage dream that their cell phones are stolen, it means that if the mouth and tongue can be resolved, mutual trust and marriage can be achieved. Interpretation of dreaming that your cell phone is stolen To dream of the hand symbolizes action, one's ability and career. To dream of being stolen is an ominous sign. Dream of being stolen, there is money from the door. Walking with a thief is very auspicious. Theft is the transfer of property and represents a gain or loss in terms of money. Dreams of cell phones often reveal a sense of inner loneliness, or a desire for love or sex. The cell phone dreamed of often symbolizes an absent lover or a crush; it is mostly associated with messages, loneliness, care, intimacy and other meanings and emotions. People who plan to go out dream of having their cell phones stolen, it is recommended to go back and forth as before, and it will not hurt to postpone going home for a day or two. A pregnant person dreaming of a stolen cell phone foretells the birth of a male, and a female in the spring, so be careful not to pick heavy, earth and stone injuries. Psychological advice for dreaming that your cell phone is stolen If you are too concerned about your partner's reaction, you will make them feel uncomfortable. Because of the concern that you have overreacted, getting along is not natural. If it is the opposite, the two people recently spent less time together, perhaps the other party's dissatisfaction will gradually accumulate higher, at least the time spent on each other days can not be saved oh. Dreams related to the theft of cell phones [Dream 1]. Dream of dropping my cell phone: First, I dreamed that my cell phone was stolen, and the thief took two broken cell phones and put them in my pocket, and changed my card back. The second was stolen on the bus, so let the driver stop and help me search one by one, and then the man behind me took it, I was taught a hard lesson [Dreamland 2 dream ID card bank card and cell phone stolen: in the meeting, I did not hear the content of the meeting, the meeting is over, I found the back hug was stolen and replaced, the money was not lost, ID card bank card cell phone stolen, I was busy looking for the phone to tell the family to call the police, I was replaced in the hug rummaging, found the thief's examination papers, the name with another pen added strokes, but a closer look can be distinguished from the real name, I was happy when I found the money hug was picked up and thrown to the dog gripped I woke up crying. Please explain the dream Jing [Dreamland 3 Dream of a female ghost boyfriend cell phone: dream of sleeping in the middle of the night woke up looking through the hands of my boyfriend, found that my boyfriend changed the password in his hand, he saw me look at his hand, I asked him why the password? He did not say, said first to sleep, tomorrow in said on sleep, and then the room door is moving! He rushed to pull the covers and said to hurry to sleep, and then saw a female ghost in a white shirt sitting on the bed, with her back turned, I was scared straight screaming, which female ghost to turn his head when I was awakened by fear! [Dream 4]. Dream of a strange woman ready to carve my name on a wooden plaque decorated with a cell phone: I dreamed that three strangers were in my house, a girl took out her cell phone, which was decorated with a wooden plaque with many names on it, she asked me what my name was and took out a pen, ready, another person suddenly approached me to talk, I woke up without saying my name, it was around 5 pm during the day. [Dream 5]. I dreamed that I found a cell phone and returned it to its owner: on the way to play I picked up two cell phones, green and black, and soon I saw my former classmate looking for a cell phone, and after I asked, I returned the black one to him, and later on the road I found another old classmate looking for a cell phone again. I suspected that it might not be his, so I didn't give it to him, and finally he saw the green phone in my hand and said it was his, so I gave it back to him [Dreamland 6 Dream of a broken phone screen: I dreamed there was a bag with a lot of things broken inside the wet I put the phone in when looking at the phone is broken the whole screen is broken later my nephew said bad bad it wait for me to pay my salary I buy a new you use me this and after a while my husband came back and said a while have to enter some money his hand was touched a while someone took something to see him and said how much money to say straight "